Clarence Page

06/29/2016 - 9:00pm

    Many people see striking similarities between Donald Trump's presidential campaign and Great Britain's vote to leave the European Union. One of those people is Donald Trump.

    The presumptive Republican presidential nominee just happened to arrive in...

05/03/2016 - 9:00am

    "On the Internet," according to a famous New Yorker cartoon caption, "no one knows you're a dog." No, but some internet users amazingly turn into skunks.

    That's a mild description...

04/30/2016 - 9:00pm

    Oh, so now Donald Trump cares about whom he offends?

    The New York billionaire's Republican presidential candidacy is in for a makeover. In fact, his new campaign adviser Paul Manafort told a meeting of...

04/28/2016 - 4:00pm

    If I didn't know better, I would have expected today's conservatives to love Harriet Tubman. After all, she was a pistol-packing black Republican who repeatedly risked her life to lead slaves to freedom. What's not to like?

04/25/2016 - 9:00pm

    History repeats itself these days, first as tragedy then as a made-for-TV movie.

    It may be only coincidental but this is a good time to revisit two racially charged dramas: The O.J. Simpson double-homicide...

04/20/2016 - 11:00am

    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's reaction to a new report by a police accountability task force that he appointed displayed a keen grasp of the obvious.

    "The question isn't, 'Do we have racism...

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