E.J. Dionne Jr.

08/28/2014 - 3:53pm

    The Affordable Care Act was supposed to be a slam dunk issue for the Republicans in this fall's elections. Karl Rove told us so in April, writing that "Obamacare is and will remain a political problem for Democrats."

    So how's...

07/31/2014 - 8:50pm

    Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens captured our ideal when he wrote of the judge as "an impartial guardian of the rule of law."

    By effectively gutting the Affordable Care Act on Tuesday, two members of a three-judge panel on the D.C. Circuit...

07/31/2014 - 8:36pm

    Paul Ryan is counting on this: Because he says he wants to preserve a safety net, speaks with concern about poor people and put out a 73-page report, many will elide over the details of the proposals he made last week in his major anti-poverty speech.

    The Wisconsin...

07/21/2014 - 1:27am

    Tragedies concentrate the mind.

    American politics was trundling along on its usual unserious and trivial trajectory when news of the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in Ukraine shook the world. Suddenly, the stakes in public life and foreign policy were very high...

07/18/2014 - 1:00pm

    Here's the thing to watch in this year's campaign: Democrats are trying to be populists and pro-business moderates at the same time.

     The tea party's success in transforming the Republican Party is making this two-step possible as conservatism's...

07/14/2014 - 2:36am

    Glenn Beck says he has come under fierce attack from some of his fellow conservatives for a grave transgression.

    His crime? He announced plans to bring food, water, teddy bears and soccer balls to at least some of the tens of thousands of Central American children who...

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