Gail Collins

01/14/2017 - 8:00pm

    Finally, Donald Trump held a press conference. I know you want to hear the sex-in-Russia part.

    The world learned this week about memos from a retired British intelligence officer on relations between the Trump campaign and the Russians. They included some speculation about whether there were...

12/22/2016 - 12:00pm

    Farewell, Mitt Romney, farewell.

    Romney, who once spent nearly a decade being rejected by the American electorate, got the heave-ho from Donald Trump this week — passed over for the secretary of state nomination in favor of an oil executive...

12/16/2016 - 7:00pm

    What do you think the theme for Donald Trump’s appointments has been so far? Generals, generals, generals? Climate change deniers, climate change deniers?

    Those seem to be the leading contenders, although there’s always the ever-popular...

12/11/2016 - 12:00pm

    Do you remember “50 First Dates”? It was a Drew Barrymore movie about a woman with short-term amnesia who wakes up every morning with no memory whatsoever of the day that went before.

    I am thinking it’s the perfect Donald Trump...

12/08/2016 - 12:00pm

    Presidential recount underway. What’s your take on it?

     — This is a plot to distract the country from the stupendous Election-Day fraud in which millions of dead people cast their votes for Hillary Clinton. 

12/01/2016 - 2:00pm

    On Thanksgiving, Americans sat down to dinner, looked at the big turkey and thought about Donald Trump.

    OK, that was totally the wrong attitude. We’re supposed to be having a reset. The president-elect has been going out of his way to build...

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