Jim Hightower

04/30/2016 - 7:00am

    Wow, $5 billion.

    That’s the stunning amount Goldman Sachs has agreed to pay to settle federal criminal charges over its shameful financial scams, which helped wreck America’s economy in 2008. That’s a lot of gold, even for Goldman.

02/06/2016 - 3:00pm

    When I crossed paths with a Democratic campaign consultant in Austin last March, I suggested he come to the local International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers hall to hear Bernie Sanders speak. The Vermont senator, I added, was pondering a presidential run....

01/24/2016 - 8:00am

    The problem with applying conventional wisdom to political campaigns is that it can suddenly be upended by an unconventional campaign.

    National media pundits have been riveted by Donald Trump’s...

01/17/2016 - 9:00am

    Good fences, wrote Robert Frost, make good neighbors.

    But an 18-foot high, 2,000-mile wall? That’s another story. It just antagonizes your neighbor — and shows your own fear and weakness.

01/04/2016 - 12:00am

    The nation’s for-profit, private college industry is a study in horror.

    Start with the fact that it actually calls itself an “industry.” Excuse me, but education is a social investment...

12/19/2015 - 5:00pm

    If your car’s battery terminals are corroded, just open a can of Coca-Cola. Coke will dissolve corrosion, making your battery connections spiffy clean in a jiffy.

    Ironically, however, Coca-Cola can...

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