John Young

02/05/2016 - 1:00pm

    On behalf of a planet and its species, I’m asking a certain Texas grand jury if it still has time on its docket.

    I speak of the Harris County grand jury that turned the tables on hucksters who conspired to paint Planned Parenthood as a law-breaker....

09/28/2015 - 5:32pm

    “Ahmed” is every bit as American as “Joe.”

    “Hussein” is every bit as American as “Shaughnessy” or "Flannery" or "McGill."

09/24/2015 - 1:28pm

    If Ben Carson reads one word of all the information he just got about climate change, he should immediately end his candidacy for the Republican nomination.

    Carson, who serenely floats through his...

09/17/2015 - 11:19am

    CNN does less news and more retrospectives these days. Hence, one would have been excused to assume it was showing another century in China the other day.

    Missiles nose to tail, soldiers goose-stepping,...

09/10/2015 - 3:32pm

    “This is going to be felt for years.”

    My politically prescient son had just watched Donald Trump toss Univision’s Jorge Ramos from his press conference and a Trump supporter tell Ramos,...

09/03/2015 - 4:19pm

    While many observed in horror as a mothballed high-country gold mine shared an egg-yolk yellow stream of poison with three states via the Animas River (and the San Juan River 100 miles downstream), I thought of another stream -- a river of air.

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