Leonard Pitts Jr.

04/02/2015 - 2:50pm

    You are, perhaps, already familiar with the Republican List of Things You Cannot Say. If not, here's a quick refresher:

    1. "Vagina." That's a definite no-no. Three years ago, Republicans in the Michigan statehouse banned...

06/26/2014 - 4:39pm

    His family doesn't know if Zack actually heard any of it firsthand.

    Maybe he was at that City Council meeting (some people swear he was) or maybe not. Either way, they figure he probably knew about the things that were said, how his neighbors in the small town of...

05/29/2014 - 2:50pm

    I am running out of words.

    Some crackpot who couldn't get a date stabs and shoots his way across the Southern California college town of Isla Vista, killing six people and wounding 13 before apparently turning his gun on himself. This happened Friday night. And...

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