Walter Brasch

05/27/2016 - 1:00pm

    In 1967, the United States was digging itself deeper into the war in Vietnam.

    The anti-war movement was being forged by the youth, energetic and willing to stand up to establishment values. They were the peace-loving environmentally-friendly hippies, the...

12/11/2015 - 2:00pm

    On Monday, Nov. 2, every National Geographic staffer was told to report to the magazine’s Washington, D.C., headquarters the next day to await a phone call or e-mail from Human Resources.

    Ever since...

12/02/2015 - 9:00am

    During this past week a three-year-old boy in Rock Hill, S.C., killed himself when he was playing with a loaded gun in his house.

    He wasn’t the only one in Rock Hill to die from a gunshot. In July, a...

11/22/2015 - 11:00pm

    Fear, laced with paranoia, is driving the American response against allowing Syrian refugees into the United States.

    President Obama has said he would accept 10,000 refugees, all of them subjected to intense...

11/10/2015 - 3:00pm

    One of the basic tenets of journalism ethics and practices is that reporters must keep their distance from news sources.

    They’re allowed to be friendly. They’re even allowed to share a meal with...

10/20/2015 - 2:00pm

    Iran is boycotting the Frankfurt Book Fair, the world’s largest trade convention for publishers and vendors.

    The six-day convention, which ends Sunday, brought more than 7,400 exhibitors from 100...

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