Walter Brasch

06/15/2016 - 10:00am

    The U.S. Senate—under the leadership of Mitch McConnell who once said his primary mission was to see that the Senate didn’t agree with anything President Obama said or did, and to limit him to one term—continues to be one of the nation’s leading obstructionists. This time, the Senate isn’...

10/20/2015 - 2:00pm

    Iran is boycotting the Frankfurt Book Fair, the world’s largest trade convention for publishers and vendors.

    The six-day convention, which ends Sunday, brought more than 7,400 exhibitors from 100...

10/09/2015 - 2:00pm

    Shortly after the mass murders at Umpqua Community College near Roseburg, Ore., President Obama predicted the extreme right wing would crank out press releases declaring the nation needs fewer gun control laws and more guns.


09/28/2015 - 6:06pm

    Beneath a three-column headline in my local newspaper was a barely-edited press release.

    That’s not unusual. With the downsizing of newsrooms, there’s more room for wire service soft features and...

09/24/2015 - 1:45pm

    With the opening of the high school football season, local newspapers and TV stations have again been running lists of what they believe are the top teams.

    Most lists rank teams in the “top 10.”...

09/10/2015 - 4:14pm

    He was born into poverty in New Hampshire in 1811.

    His father was a struggling farmer. His mother did most of the other chores.

    He was a brilliant...

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