09/25/2014 - 12:28pm

    You’re sitting in your favorite restaurant one balmy September morning.

    Your waitress brings a pot of coffee and a standard 5-ounce cup.

    “Would you like cream and sugar with it?...

09/25/2014 - 12:27pm

    When Willie Nelson invites you to get high with him on his bus, you go.

    The man is the patron saint of pot, after all, and I'm the poster girl for bad pot trips.

09/25/2014 - 12:26pm

    Alicia Keys is a superstar singer who has mostly kept her clothes on and gossip off. So what is she doing in a photo dressed only in a peace sign?

    Her answer has to do with the purpose of life....

09/25/2014 - 12:20pm

    I turned on ESPN about 15 minutes before Roger Goodell's Friday afternoon news conference. There was a round table of analysts and reporters, led by Bob Ley, the journalist who covers the serious side of sports for the network. If I hadn't known...

09/25/2014 - 12:15pm

    The latest meeting of the People Who Influence Everything from Auto Loans to 401(k) Plans - a.k.a. the Federal Reserve Board's Open Market Committee - has just concluded. The Fed confirmed Wednesday that, as expected, it will stop buying bonds with...

09/25/2014 - 12:15pm

    No wonder members of Congress are walking around with big smiles on their faces these days. They're used to being the most disgraced people in the country. But now there's one group that has an even worse reputation: the NFL.

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