The Big Faker and his big date with Big Data

    Steve Bannon, the white-supremacist-turned-squatter-on-a-president’s-shoulder, says the Trump administration’s war with the news media has only just begun, and it’s “going to get worse.”

    Right you are, Steve. You just don’t understand which side of the conflict will get the worst of it.

    Donald Trump doesn’t understand. Otherwise, he would cease using pimply-faced laments to explain away his problems.

    He shrinks in the public estimation every time he uses the term “fake news.”

    Yes, every time a little more helium escapes from the polyurethane construct that he is.

    Each time he says “fake news,” he reminds skeptical Americans of how small he is, seeing thepresidency as a battle royal in the sea of balls.

    He thinks he is branding press in his childishly churlish way. Wrong. He is branding himself. “Fake news” is his baby, his trademark. It’s the only coin that will ever bear this president’s face.

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