Chicago still eager to hear from you, Mr. Trump

    As one who loves Chicago, I hope President Donald Trump is not toying with my affections.

    So far, the native New Yorker had been treating Chicago like the weather; he can't stop talking about it, but is there really much he can do about it?

    He's been talking about Chicago's violence epidemic since a June 29, 2015 meeting with the Chicago Tribune editorial board, which he addressed as if he was bringing news of which Chicagoans already were not painfully aware:

    "Crime in Chicago is out of control, and I will tell you, outside of Chicago, it's a huge negative and a huge talking point, a huge negative for Chicago," he said. "You've got to stop it. You're not going to stop it by being nice. You're going to stop it by being one tough son of a bitch."

    Right. This is the same Big Apple city slicker who had so poor of a grasp of the obvious that he refused to accept President Barack Obama's birth certificate until it became a political liability.

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