Does Trump know that he's in office?

    The Trump administration so far has been smoke and mirrors, sound and fury, self-proclaimed victimhood and angry tweets. Where is the substance? Where is the competence? And where -- increasingly -- is the public support?

    Donald Trump's approval rating of 41 percent is the lowest Gallup has ever measured for a president this early in his term. It should be no surprise that Trump isn't having a hearts-and-flowers honeymoon, given that his inauguration was followed a day later by the biggest mass protest in the nation's history. But it usually takes more than a few weeks for the relationship between POTUS and populace to become so curdled.

    It is true that most of those who voted for Trump are sticking with him. But they, you will recall, were in the minority -- try as he might, Trump will never erase the fact that he lost the popular vote. And Trump has done essentially nothing to bring skeptics over to his side.

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