The gulf between Trump and the truth

    Upon Barack Obama’s election, gun sales went through the roof. Upon Donald Trump’s ascension, sales of Orwell’s “1984” have taken off a rocket.

    Time to refresh some memories about “doublespeak” with the advent of Trumpspeak.

    Store those books in a safe place, America. You never know when, by executive order, literary license will be revoked -- not to mention any truth not authored by the Trump Organization.

     “Millions of fearful Americans have already begun stockpiling facts,” reports The Onion, “before the federal government comes to take them away.”

    Sure, that’s farce. However, what the head of Reuters said the other day is no joke.

    Trump, writes Reuters editor-in-chief Steve Adler, is proving to be as antagonistic to the press as any number of autocratic Third World rulers whose governments the international news agency covers. Regardless, Reuters is ready to do its job, he pledges.

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