If it’s an ‘enemy,’ why must press serve as Trump’s chump?

    Questions to ask after one month of Trump:

    -- Is Stephen Colbert our new Edward R. Murrow?

    -- Is Stephen Miller a human or a hologram?

    -- The same for Kellyanne Conway: real or Memorex?

    -- If the media are, as Donald Trump says, enemies “of the American people,” why are members of the press genuflecting at his knee? Why are they indulging him at all?

    What would Ed Murrow say about Donald Trump? I promise you it would be curt.

    In 1953, the CBS icon initiated Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s fiery fall from eminence by assailing his “hysterical disregard for decency and human dignity.”

    Sixty-four years later, and on the same network, Stephen Colbert is taking on a president and his mouthpieces who show hysterical disregard for truth.

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