I'm a rabbi who was arrested protesting Trump's travel ban. It was a holy act.

    On Monday night, I was arrested along with 18 of my fellow rabbis in protest of the Trump administration's policies targeting refugees and immigrants - including the ban on travel from seven mostly Muslim nations. The Jewish tradition commands us to speak out against injustice, and Jewish history teaches us how imperative it is that those not targeted by hate stand up for those who are. It was, we believe, the largest mass arrest of rabbis in U.S. history.

    It was a profoundly holy experience for me, marching down Broadway and over to the Trump International Hotel and Tower singing with hundreds of my colleagues and community members, sitting in the street with my teachers and colleagues, and then the arrest itself - offering myself up to the state, fully vulnerable. But it was always abundantly clear to me what our action was, and what it wasn't.

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