The impermanence of Trump the Temp

    Jesus would be the very first to denounce it.

    That someone able to help would wade through a desperate throng and aid only Christians runs contrary to everything Christlike.

    If not, that Good Samaritan spiel is just jive.

    Donald Trump has said of refugees from seven countries, “We don’t want them” – unless, of course, they worship as he pretends to do.

    Who is this “we,” Kemo Sabe?

    Bless those who swarmed U.S. airports to protest this abomination. Bless the cabbies who went on strike. Bless the civil rights attorneys. Bless the judges who enjoined the action. Bless the ACLU (oh, and “friend” it on Facebook).

    Collectively, emphatically, they kicked Trump’s tail.

    Yeah, yeah. The injunctions will expire. Trump may win in court. Regardless, he will lose.

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