In a remarkable interview, Kellyanne Conway's spin about Mike Flynn crashes and burns

    Facts and reality: 1. Trump administration: 0.

    Michael Flynn resigned as Donald Trump's national security adviser late Monday, after The Post reported that the Justice Department had privately warned White House officials weeks ago that Flynn had badly mischaracterized his conversations with the Russian ambassador to the United States.

    Flynn had told Vice President Mike Pence that he never discussed sanctions against Russia with the ambassador, which the Obama administration instituted in response to charges of Russian meddling in the election. The FBI had established that this was false, and acting Attorney General Sally Yates warned senior White House officials in late January that this made Flynn vulnerable to Russian blackmail.

    Yet Flynn remained in his post for weeks after that. In a remarkable interview on NBC Tuesday morning, senior Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway tried to spin her way out of this basic set of facts, but could not do so, because the facts would not yield.

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