Things might work out if Trump borrows from Abe

    I have occasionally been accused of metaphorically hugging Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, but so far I've never had the chance to do so in literal terms. Not so Donald Trump, who gave a brotherly hug to the Japanese leader at a meeting at the White House on Friday. But I hope that in addition to hugging the man, Trump embraces Abe's approach to governing. In the past four years, Abe has created a template for a responsible, positive modern nationalism.

    When Abe was elected at the end of September 2012, many on the Japanese left and in the foreign press denounced him as a dangerous right-wing nationalist. His grandfather, Nobusuke Kishi, served in the militarist Japanese government during World War II. He has worked to loosen the country's postwar restrictions on its military, and his appointees have included Nanjing Massacre denialists. For these reasons, the "Abe is Hitler" memes flew fast and furious in his administration's early days.

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